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Biodramina for breakfast and apples for survival

The last two days have made us uncomfortably conscious of our stomachs’ contents. Chasing eddies is tough work. Ironically… whenever we’re crossing the eddies’ wildest parts, it’s always time for lunch, dinner, or bedtime, but you know, the ocean doesn’t really have a suggestions box. It is what it is. The more experienced sailors tell us that we will get used to it, but as you feel your insides go up and down, it’s hard to believe. If it weren't for biodramina and apples, I really don't know what would become of me.

Lucky for us, with the morning also came a benevolent sea. Another day had begun, and now that we’ve found the eddies, we can design our sampling transects and plan for when it’s time to deploy our cool science toys.

Aja, Álvaro, Pepe, Nandy and I, planning part of our sampling logistics.

On another note, Sundays are special at Sarmiento de Gamboa, there’s churros for breakfast and at 1pm a happy voice announces that there’s a special treat for all of those on board: tapas!


As the days go by, we don’t just look forward to what the eddies can teach us, but also to spending more time with each other.

From left to right, me, Aja, Laura, Pepe, Subha, Javier, and our dear Snowcatcher.

Near the days' end, we congregate on deck, elbows resting on the gunwale, dreamily staring at the horizon as the sun sets behind the haze that crowns Tenerife.

The sun sets after a long day of work.

Pictures: Javier Arístegui, Subhadeep Chowdhury, Ianna Luna Duval.

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