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Holding our breath

The air has been sucked and we wait with full lungs until our adventurous exploration of the secrets of the eddies begin.

The first sampling transect is almost here! We’re checking everything twice and more than that, worrying about everything being in the right place at the right time, and our exact tasks, so when the time comes, everything will go as smoothly as possible. However, our minds are open to probable chaos, we’re ready to surf it as gracefully as possible.

Whenever we’re not labeling everything we can find around us, we’re taking a break looking at the doble-blue horizon:

Labels, labels and more labels...

It’s my first time ever collecting samples from a Rosetta, and I’m scared to screw it up, but like anything in life, through repetition things become obvious and trivial. I’m looking forward to that new reality where all the scrambled information in my mind is sorted into all the right places and becomes habit.

While my thoughts gather, I look for shearwaters in between wave crests. When the foam goes down, their puffy white bellies appear as their wings cut the water.

A shearwater glides through the wind.

Their power seems to match that of the oceans as they surf the winds that rock us away into madness. The fact they’re able to survive like this, and so far away from land, is a true story of resilience and adaptation. I want to try and become like them.

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