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Nauzet Hernández-Hernández
Tel: +34 928454903

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Nauzet Hernández-Hernández is a postdoctoral researcher for the Biological Oceanography Group (GOB) at the Oceanography and Global Change Institute (IOCAG). His research has focused on the effects of submesoscale processes on primary production and phytoplankton community structure. Specifically, he has studied the effects of vertical motion associated with submesoscale Ageostrophic Secondary Circulation (ASC) generated in mesoscale eddies and fronts on the distribution, the community structure, and the spatial and temporal variability of phytoplankton organisms. Additionally, he has participated in ocean acidification mesocosm experiments where he focused on the potential effects of ocean acidification over primary production and phytoplankton community structure. Recently, he expanded his research interests towards the study of primary production and carbon fluxes in the Canary Upwelling region.

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