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Lucía Palacios

Tel: +34 928454547


Lucía Palacios studied Marine Science at the University of Vigo (2010-2014) and then obtained her Masters degree at James Cook University in 2018, where she focused on the human dimensions in marine conservation in the Galápagos Islands. During her time in Australia, she participated with different NGOs (e.g. Reef Check Australia) developing her scientific communication skills. After this period she came back to Spain where she worked for a Sail Training Foundation developing teaching programs onboard. Later she obtained the SSI Open Water Instructor course and then worked for a year focusing on ecology programs and collaborating with schools by giving marine conservation talks.

She recently moved to the Canary Islands where she started working for the Biological Oceanography Group (2021) as a scientific communications manager and project assistant. Her main role consists of working on the dissemination of the different GOB's ongoing projects to increase the scientific knowledge of the general public and develop their interest in ocean science. Therefore, she is in charge of managing the website as well as the social media profiles, and she also presents the projects at science fairs, universities and schools. At the same time, she gets involved in the projects by helping with different tasks both in the field and in the lab.

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