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Aja Trebec

Tel: +34 928454547


Aja Trebec graduated from Biological Sciences at the Marche Polytechnic University, in Italy. She continued her studies in the field of Marine Biology and acquired a master's degree (2021) with distinction, focusing on the characterization of photosynthesis and carbon allocation in marine microalgal species acclimated to different light regimes. During her master’s, she became an Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI), a First Level Freediver (SSI) and got certified for Scientific Diving Methodologies. Aja also spent a few months working as an Erasmus+ Traineeship apprentice with Dr. Javier Aristegui and the Biological Oceanography Group (GOB). After finishing her studies in Italy, she has recently moved to Gran Canaria to work as a laboratory technician for the e-IMPACT research project and as a project assistant. Her work consists of field sampling in the Canary Archipelago and analyzing samples back in the laboratory. She also contributes to scientific dissemination of the GOB’s projects through numerous social media channels, with the purpose of connecting the general public to the world of ocean science.

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