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The Canary Islands from space

Research interests:

Our group studies how Climate Change shapes pelagic ecosystems, in terms of productivity, plankton community structure, and carbon fluxes and sequestration in the dark ocean. Our work includes field studies of plankton ecology and ecophysiology, microbial oceanography and biogeochemistry, spanning from the submesoscale to the large scale in the ocean. We also address experimental studies with microcosms and mesocosms to look at the effects of climate change on planktonic communities, and to evaluate nature-based solutions to remove carbon dioxide. 


The group has concentrated most of its efforts in the Canary Current and NW Africa coastal upwelling regions that surround us, although we collaborate closely with other national and international groups to engage in many international cruises and field studies around the world.


We are particularly committed to the social dissemination of our activities at science fairs, media, public conferences and schools.

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